Sunday, July 19, 2009

Phramaceutical Machinery

Pharmaceutical Machines usually available in the market

1. Capsule Filling Machine-Manual
Casule Filling Machine-Manual

It is useful to fill the capsules with required drugs. 

It is used to apply coating on pills, tablets like medicines so that patient can easily swallow it and inside drug can remain intake till it use.

3. Colloid Mill Machine

It is useful in the processes of superfine grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing and mixing liquids and ointment products.

4. Comminuting Mill

It is used for Wet & Dry material granulation and Pulverization. 

5. Deburring-Dedusting Machine

It is used to remove excess powder, dust & burs from the tablets.

6. Double Cone Blender

It is useful in for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc. 

7.  Dust Extractor Machine

It is used to minimizes mechanical strain, excessive wear of tablet machine-resulting in minimum machine break-downs and punch wears.

8. Fluid Bed Dryer

It is used in most of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dyestuff and other process industries to dry materials with hot and / or dehumidified air, which creates a turbulence in the wet product . 
9. Liquid Filling Machine 

It is suitable for liquids & semi-liquids. It handles different laminated preformed pouches like three side, center seal, and four sides stand up with cap/spout options. It can effectively handle filling of pouches, bottles and also jars. 

10. Mass Mixer

It is generally used for mixing of dry or damp product like Pharmaceutical powders, chemicals, food and confectionery.

11. Octagonal Blender

It is useful to make a homogeneous mixture of Dry powder for tablets and capsules formulations.

12. Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant

As the name suggest it is useful for the production of Liquid Drugs.

13. Oscillating Granulator

It used in tablets or pellets production, for both wet and dry granulation. It produces Quality granules for further process.

14. Rapid Mixer Granulator

It is used in pharmaceutical content preparation includes mixing, granulating, coating, homogeneous blending.

15. Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender is used for Solid-solid and solid-liquid applications for fast, reliable mixing. 

16. Starch Paste Kettle

It is used to prepare binder materials in medicine and food industries.

17. Stirrer Homogenizer Emulsifier

It is used to stir different materials and make a homogenous mixer. It promotes the formation of an emulsion.

18. Tray Dryer

It is used for drying of pigments, food, bakery, chemical, plastic powders.

19. Vibro Sifter

It is circular rotating screens fixed with separator,  used to separate solids from solids and liquid from solid.

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